Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Food Preservation

I'm guessing this is about all for now. A friend has a loaded pear tree we could go pick from, but I'm thinking we'll probably skip on that for now. Space in the pantry is being better utilized than it ever has been, but we still had to use some space in the library for a few jars, mainly of beans and cider.

We've got a lot of garden clean-up to do, now!

6/25 Lazy Housewife beans / canned 7qts
6/30 Wild blackberries / froze 1 qt
7/4 Kraut / canned 21 pts
7/5 Basil (whole leaves) / froze 2 qt-bags
7/5 Contender bush beans / canned 3 qts
7/5 Cherokee Trail of Tears beans / canned 4 qts
7/10 Maude Wall beans / canned 23 pts
7/10 Maude Wall beans / canned 28 qts
7/16 Beans (mostly Maude Wall) / canned 19 qts
7/17 Okra (breaded) / froze 3 qts
7/18 Tomatoes / canned 14 pts
7/18 Tomato sauce / canned 8 half-pints
7/18 Pickled peppers / canned 7 half-pints
7/21 Cucumber relish / canned 11 pts
7/21 Squash / froze 4 qts
7/22 Carrot relish / canned 15 pts
7/24 Cowpeas / froze 4 pints
7/24 Corn / froze 5 pints, 5 1.5-pints
7/25 Tomatoes / canned 28 pts
7/25 Tomato sauce / canned 19 1/2 pts
7/26 Blueberries (from B. Case's) / froze 7 pts, 2 1.5-pts
7/28 Corn (from Short Mtn) / froze 5 qts, 3 1.5-pts, 10 pts
7/29 Squash / froze 1 qt, 1 pt
7/30 Cowpeas / froze 8 pts
7/30 Carrots (shredded) / froze 6 pts
7/31 Salsa ("Judy's Salsa") / canned 10 pts, 2 1/2-pts
8/1 Speckled butter beans / froze 15 pts
8/5 Diced tomatoes (mostly Romas) / canned 7 qts, 7 pts
8/6 Okra (breaded) / froze 7 bags (app. 3 c each)
8/6 Carrots / froze 11 pts
8/7 Roasted tomato garlic soup canned 4.5 qts
8/12 Crushed tomatoes / canned 19 pts
8/13 Garden-fresh-tomato soup / canned 12 qts
8/14 Pepper jelly / canned 6 ½ half-pints
8/14 Pickled peppers / canned 8 ¾-pints, 3 ½-pints
8/15 Peach freezer jam / froze 4 pts
8/15 White peaches / froze 7 qts
8/16 Basil pesto / froze 3 half-pints
8/18 Pepper jelly / canned 6 ½ half-pints
8/19 Elberta peach jam / canned 4 pts
8/19 Elberta peaches / froze 4 qts, 4 1.5 pts
8/19 Keith’s salsa / canned 13 pts
8/25 Pickled peppers / canned 7 pts
9/8 Pepper jelly (red) / canned 7 ½-pints
9/10 Pickles peppers / canned 8 pints
9/15 Applesauce / canned 10 pts
9/16 Applesauce / canned 8 pts
9/16 Apple butter / canned 6 ½-pints
9/17 Sliced apples / canned 9 qts
9/18 Sliced apples / canned 8 qts
9/19 Apple butter / canned 10 ½-pints
Sometime this past week, dried about a qt of apple slices
9/22 Sliced apples / canned 8 qts
9/24 Apple cider / canned 15.5 qts
9/24 Apple cider / froze 4 qts

Apple cider: So far, 8 gallons of fresh, 3.5 of which have gone toward making vinegar
Drying: basil, sage, feverfew, red clover blossoms
Collecting seed: butternut squash, Cherokee purple tomato, plum lemon tomato, var. peppers, var. beans

We've never canned or frozen apple cider, but figured we'd give it a try this year. I'm sure it can't be as good as fresh, but we're looking forward to some good mulled cider during the holidays.

One of the cows (#31) gave birth to a bull-calf sometime while we were gone over the extra-long (6 or so days) weekend. This can pose a problem, since a calf gains strength fairly quickly. Also, the cow can be quite protective (frighteningly so, sometimes!). However, #31 is generally not aggressively protective, and is fairly trusting, as far as Angus cows go. She's not our friendliest (which is just a strangely friendly cow for an Angus), but she's not nearly as skittish as the others. We're excited to have a male, but it did pose an extra problem: not only did he need an eartag (which we sometimes forego), but he also needed banding. With his growing strength, and knowing the task at hand would not be a welcome one, Keith and 13yo were ready for a struggle. However, 13yo drove the Mule, circling the calf, while 6yo sat in the Mule with the eartag equipment, and Keith knelt in the back, attempting to rope the calf--and succeeding! They got the calf tagged and banded and were back inside in 20 minutes or so! So we'll soon have a steer calf, instead of a bull calf. What great cowhands!

We'll probably be slaughtering a steer sometime soon. And oh, we're so looking forward to having beef in the freezer again! We ran out awhile ago, and buy very little of it at the store. We've been living on chicken since the pork and beef are pretty much gone, and although at one time, I probably would have said chicken was my favorite meat, I'm all for beef now, since we've had so little lately!

Mary Susan


Blogger E.T.'s Mom said...

Wow, I'm so impressed!

Friday, October 03, 2008 5:35:00 PM  
Blogger The Krahns said...

Just looked at your blog for the first time. It looks like you have a beautiful family. I love your canning list - it looks like mine, minus the okra and cowpeas that don't grow up here. Years after my grandma died I read her journals, and she kept track of how she canned a couple jars of this one day a couple the next, and by the end of the summer I remember her having a huge pantry full! Isn't God good!

Sunday, October 12, 2008 6:47:00 PM  

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